Harefield Cricket Club - Junior Players in Adult Matches

Juniors Playing in Adult Matches

Harefield CC takes great pride in the number of their Colts who have progressed from junior cricket to play at senior level. The club is aware that making the step up from age group cricket to senior level is a significant event in any player’s cricket experience. With this in mind the club is always careful not to elevate a young player before they are ready.


As specified in ECB guidelines the Club recognizes its duty of care towards all young players aged under 18. The duty of care should be interpreted in two ways:

  • Not to place a young player in a position that involves an unreasonable risk to that young player, taking account of the circumstances of the match and the relative skills of the player.
  • Not to create a situation that places members of the opposing side in a position whereby they cannot play cricket as they would normally do against adult players.

In addition to the guidelines, the club recognises the positive experience that young players should have in open age cricket and the club should provide an opportunity for players to show their talents in an appropriate way. Children who are just used as fielders will not fully experience the game.


If your child is selected for a senior game the club will make sure that:

  • All ECB directives regarding bowling, fielding regulations and protective equipment are adhered to.
  • Be supportive at all times for all forms of effort even when the children are not successful
  • Try and involve them in all aspects of the game wherever possible i.e. socializing, team talks, practice, decision making etc. so they feel part of the team.
  • Where possible try to make sure they have one of their peer group or family member in the same team so they feel more relaxed and able to perform.
  • Remember to make their early experiences of senior cricket enjoyable, so that they will want to continue playing in the future.

At League level no children in the under 12 age group (School year 7) are eligible to play, and under 13’s (School year 8) will only be allowed to play if a senior coach feels they are ready.