Harefield Cricket Club - Academy XI Annual Report - 2010

Sunday 1XI Report - 2010

Chess Valley League - Divsion 4

Played: 8    Won: 7    Lost:1    Abandoned: 0

The young ones, the oldie and the drunkards...

The Sunday team always provides what its players need, a lovely location to abuse each other and play some hilarious games of cricket, while still working towards the chairman’s aim of creating a competitive home for some of the senior members to spend the later parts of their career (Bomber, Askie, Doggy , Syke etc) and the Younger generation of Harefield to continue to drunkenly stumble their way up the Chess Valley leagues.

The Sunday team completed their second promotion in three years with prolific record of 9-1. The season saw some farcical scenes with King not only still being allowed to skipper the team, but to keep wicket and somehow creep his way to leading run scorer (this may have something to do with Syke's Sunday ban). King was not the only player turning heads, R. Finch made his debut for the Sunday team taking 8-99 in two games with best of 3-34. These scenes were only beaten by G. Ridgeway gaining his maiden 50 in the last league game only to follow it up the next week with another, both at the top of the order. D. Morris was pushed all the way by Finch and Petley who both showed they were more than just an option as he found his way to win the wicket cup.

The team took new shape this year with L. Top taking up an opening role which he grew into as the season went on to great prevail. J. Knife and R. Petley prove they are forces to be reckoned with the ball, both opening up and at the death.

The season for those that took part in and around the magic that is the Sunday team can be summed up with a few sayings that were mentioned along the way-

“This is an absolute farce” – J. Shiel   

“Two gullies” R. Petley and O. Richards

“I don’t care how @*^#ing wet it is i am not working all week not to play cricket!” D. King

“Statto has some binoculars” D. Evans and T. Day   

King to Russell - "Were still lost, you do the toss, if we win bowl!!"

Russell to team - "He said I'm going to do the toss and we want to bat!”  

I Dont want to change anything Doug's written, but i think one more quote needs to be mentioned...

"Don't worry, I'll start reversing it in my second spell" Luc Baldwin, 2010.



The Sunday team as a whole would like to thank Statto & Devo - for making sure at each game we had a scorer, making sure we had a ball to play with and basically doing all the things the skip was meant to do. It was much appreciated.

Barrie and Custer- for making sure we always make it to away games and that a team and pitch is ready. Oh and for not banning at least half the team on numerous occasions for their drunken antics.

Tracey and Steve- by far the best tea’s in the chess valley, but as a team we feel the home team hotel still needs some work before it gets its 3 star status.

Bring on next season, then there will be two of us on a Sunday!!

Doug King Sunday XI Captain