Harefield Cricket Club - Sunday 1XI Annual Report - 2011

Sunday XI Report 2011

Played – 13          Won- 7          Lost- 1          Cancelled- 5

After a being promoted 4 divisions in four years it was essential that promotion was attained to take us up to Division 2 and a step closer to the 1stXI standard on both Saturday and Sunday the club require. I’m very disappointed to report that we were unable to achieved promotion, let alone win the division. This may have been heavily taken out of our hands with the vast number of games abandoned and cancelled.

A major problem with the Sunday team in 2011 was putting together consistent batting performances.  With only seven scores over fifty and two over 70. It was a good year for the clubs up and coming batsmen. Matt.Ogden scored fifty plus in two of his three innings. Captain Doug King led the runs in all Sunday games with 315 runs with an average of 45. While Paul Collett scored the highest in the league with 157 in his four innings.

As was expected the youth of the Sunday team misses that knowledge of a “Macca” to act as the glue, Matt Ogden showed that he has the ability to do this job in the future showing a mental state beyond his years, now if we can only get him to catch like Macca as well!! 

The bowling was very consistent all season. In fact we used twenty six bowlers throughout the season, only two of them being over the age of 24! The key to our bowling was based around our spin attack of  Morris 1 and 2, George Shiel, Matt Ogden, Russ Petley, Ryan Finch, Sam Beacham and Simon “the Mace” Macey. The spin section was excellent throughout the season, in taking wickets and keeping the runs down. It was a good chance for Dan Evans and Steve Quinn to take senior roles this year with skipper concentrating on batting, both really showed their potential throughout the season, impressing and clearly stating that they can and will be able to step up if 1st Xl needs them. This said I would like to make a special mention of the two work horses of the Sunday team Greg Ridgeway and Craig Duncan were exceptional this year. Both unable to find a regular home on Saturdays but showed what they have to offer in all three disciplines. Something that is overlooked sometimes when these names are mentioned.

Craig Duncan is the light in what seems a shaddowy corner of Harefield’s cricket at the moment. I feel the standards with the bat and ball have increased at all ages in the club but I see fielding not quite matching these standards. With such a young contingency throughout all 5 teams fielding should not be a chore; it should be what we excel at. Craig Duncan showed his ability in all five teams and the one thing that was said in all five teams was that this boy is a first class fielder! He even got the seal of approval from the Mace and that’s not easy. So we have one thing to improve on, oh well, that’s not too bad!

Now from a more personal note - due to personal ambitions and the fact I didn’t get the boys promoted I shall not be standing for captain for this upcoming season. I would like to think that while under my captaincy the academy did its job, it saw me work on my bowling, then batting and finally my keeping, it saw Quinn, Ogden and Beacham emerge as a spinning option, we saw Matt Lench show all his skills with gloves and bat, more importantly to me than all that we saw Russell Petley find his enjoyment for batting and a new outlook to batting appear. I was able to give Ridgeway and Morris opportunities at the top of the order, both repaying me with large totals on numerous occasions.

My only plea is that the new skipper gets more out of Tommy Day than I did!

Two other members of the team deserve a special mention - Statto & Vic! It makes such a huge difference knowing we have two extremely competent and reliable officials every week so thanks very much guys for all your efforts, they’re much appreciated. I must also add Barry Knife and Chris Lee (Doggy) to the list for starting the academy and giving me the tools to run it with as much ease as we did.

Thanks also to Finchy & Tracey for the much loved teas.

My final thanks must go to all the guys who have been a huge help the throughout my 5 seasons as captain, not least because they led the side more often than I did, realising we needed 2 gullies! Not only that, but the work they put in during the week to get our team on the pitch I think sometimes goes unnoticed how much you all do help. The success of the past five years is in no small feature and we did it as a team.

I would like to point out just before you finish reading this-

Baz, the only game we lost this year, the reason we didn’t get that fifth promotion, was the only game in the four years when we had 11 sober players!

Good luck to whoever takes on the role next year!

Doug King - Sunday Captain