Harefield Cricket Club - 4XI Annual Report - 2013

4XI Annual Report - 2013

League Record (Div. 8B): P 18, W 7, D 1, L 5, A/C 5
Total Points: 252
Position: 5th

A good season for the 4th team with a comfortable mid table finish. Availability on the whole was good, but the few times we were short Jamie managed to find me 11 players.
For all his hard work, I'm eternally grateful.
Would like to thank the new ground staff for providing us with really good cricket wickets . Teas were as usual brilliant, in fact so good
that Wargrave went out off their  way to repay us with the most amazing tea I've ever seen, and I've seen a few in my time!!
Thanks to the bar staff for serving us our ale cheers Steve.

A special thanks to Vic for sorting out our reports, & phone calls. This was a massive help.
A big thank you to all who have played for me this season I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. We did not have any out standing performers just a good team spirit. We played hard but with a smile.
In a couple of games we had a glimpse of our future with some of the U13's playing. I think the club will be in good hands. BUT you can't have a 4th team without the old gits and we have great old gits. To Kingy, Chuffa, Cazza, Christles, Oggy, Danny, Craig the cat Saunders... a big Thank You !!!!!!
I am available for re election if wanted.